EMC Evaluations


We are Florida EMC - Emergency Medical Condition Evaluators at Fulton Gibbs Wellness.  We provide coverage for Duval, Clay, St. John's, and Nassau Counties. 

Why is an EMC Important to my PIP Insurance?

 Under Florida PIP Law, most insurance policies provide for a minimum of  $10,000.00 in medical benefits and lost wage coverage. However, your  right to claim the full amount of these benefits can be greatly impacted  by the presence of an EMC diagnosis.  The law doesn’t give a specific  time frame for when an EMC needs to be established, but it must be  diagnosed by a qualified medical provider, as defined under Florida  Statute 627.736, in order to obtain your full PIP benefits.  Failure to  obtain an EMC diagnosis will limit your PIP benefits to $2,500.00 in  total, which could leave you with thousands of dollars in unpaid medical  bills.  Additionally, you may not be able to complete treatment for  your injuries.