Functional & Integrative Medicine


What To Expect

On  your first visit, you can expect to spend a lot more time with me than you  would with a conventional provider. You can also expect to do a lot of  talking and for me to do A LOT of listening.  Welcome to functional medicine at Fulton Gibbs Wellness.  Your first visit will be 45 minutes to an hour long.  We will:

  • Discuss your personal health history
  • Review your current state of health
  • Diet and lifestyle overview
  • Review medications and supplements that you take
  • Allergies or sensitivities you may have
  • Determine what further testing needs to be taken

When You Return

Expect another 45 minute to an hour visit.  At this visit we will:


  • Discuss individualized program and action steps for you to begin immediately
  • Analysis of most recent blood work
  • A comprehensive overview including recommendations and instructions
  • Medications and supplements recommendations
  • Devise a holistic plan of action that will be safe, effective and tuned to you, the individual
  • Determine what further testing needs to be taken
  • Plan for follow appointments

How I'm Different

I want you to succeed in your health and wellness.  We take an individualized approach to care at Fulton Gibbs Wellness.  I carry a small patient panel so that I can I spend time with my patients and get to know them.  I am your coach, your cheerleader, your healthcare provider.  This is a partnership between you and me.  We work together.  But ultimately, you are in control of your body, health, and well being.